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With VikaCV, you can access expert tools for crafting resume regardless of the job you're applying for.

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Our philosophy at VikaCV is that creating a resume should be a quick and simple process. We are committed to designing tools that are user-friendly and produce high-quality results.


At VikaCV, we are dedicated to assisting you in crafting an exceptional resume. By utilizing our online resume builder, you can produce a polished document that effectively highlights your talents and background. Our extensive selection of templates and design choices ensures that you can discover the ideal match for your specific requirements. With our user-friendly interface, inputting your details and personalizing your resume to fit your preferences has never been easier.

We aim to support our members in their job search by presenting themselves to potential employers in a persuasive manner. Although we cannot promise job interviews, we are committed to helping you secure employment. Feel free to contact us proactively without any hesitation.


Why Use Our Service.


VikaCV's resume maker provides a selection of templates to choose from, including professional, elegant, creative, and modern designs. You have the flexibility to customize the layout and color scheme to suit your preferred resume format - be it functional, reverse-chronological, or combination.


Ensure that you include your personal information, work and education experience, and any other relevant details in the content fields. Depending on the requirements, you may choose to fill out or omit certain content sections.


First, collect all the necessary information before saving and exporting the latest version of your CV. In case you forget how to finalize your CV, you can revisit it later and make any necessary modifications.


You have the freedom to select the color and background that suits you best. Additionally, you can emphasize your text by using bold, italic, or underline. You need not worry about using MS Word resume templates as we will handle the formatting for you. Moreover, we offer access to exceptional resume designs that you won't find anywhere else.



USD 68

30 days access

3-days trial / 4 USD

- Drag-and-drop system

- Professionally designed templates

- Automatic responsiveness

- Premium Support

- Setup of reminder emails

- Progress tracking

- Early access to new features


USD 41

14 days access

4-days trial / 3 USD

- Drag-and-drop system

- Professionally designed templates

- Automatic responsiveness

- Support Available

- Setup of reminder emails